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Monday, 18 May 2009

The Mitre Pub in Canton Cardiff

Yesterday I went to many places taking photographs for the Welsh Icons website including most of the Gower, Swansea, Pendoylan, Peterstone-Super-Ely and returining to Cardiff we, no not the Royal we - I used the opportunity of a friend's Aunties 90th birthday in Swansea to cadge a lift around SE Wales) decided to have a pint on our way back in Canton.

We were going to have a beer in the Duke of Clarence and I thought I'd grab a quick exterior shot for the site when I was attacked by a local. I tried to explain what I was taking the shot for but he just grunted, kicked me to the ground and then grabbed my camera (D50 with SB800 for anyone interested).

Fortunately my mates were still in the van and managed to retrive my camera with just a broken filer holder (Cokin P series)

Bruised and shocked we went to the Mitre in the backstreets of Canton and had a great time. It took me a few pints to stop shaking. Thanks to Jeff, the Landlord and my new mate. When they found out I was a 'tog most of the pub wanted group shots taken - goes to show that even within a small area there are good and bad places to go

Just wanted to get this off my chest

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