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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Skint and fed up

I have spent the last week carting the cameras (on foot - I can't afford the bus fare) around Cardiff trying to capture various aspects of Cardiff life. All this is available on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/welshicons for FREE under the Creative Commons License.

When not out and about I have been updating the Welsh Icons site http://www.welshicons.org.uk another FREE resource for anyone wanting to know more about Wales and the Welsh.

So with over 3 million hits a month what have I got out of it - well, a glass of Scrumpy from Doghouse of Sicknote, a pint from Liz, the Landlady of the Vulcan and very bad feet.

I sometimes (like now) wonder if it is worth it. Digital technology allows you to create and share cheaply but what's in it for the originator of the works? I was talking to Jason of Tantrum Records last night who give away most of their material for FREE. He said he'd explain it to me sometime but he's skint as well.

Sorry to sound negative but it is still a week to go before I get my next Job Seekers allowance payment - even then, with the bloody bank holiday it could be longer.

In the meantime if anyone wants an event covered cheaply by a competent photographer just drop me an email. As for thoses who have told me recently to get a job, you try in this economic climate. It is not as if I sit around all day doing bugger all!

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