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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Unclean, unclean, ding ding, unclean

I feel like a leper. What is wrong with the world? The other night I asked the landlady of my local hostelry to phone a cab for me (a luxury I can rarely afford). On its arrival I was asked by the driver if I was a Muslim - He'd picked me up from a boozer for Christ's sake! He then proceeded to try and convert me to his way of thinking.

Last night I went out to meet an old friend. As the evening wore on I told him that I had a warm dog awaiting me on my return. He seemed shocked. "You let him sleep in your bed?" was his response.

What is wrong with the world when man can't enjoy a pint and share his bed (not in the biblical sense) with his hound?

Now off to share that bacon butty with my best friend.

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