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Friday, 26 June 2009

When we were (slightly) younger

I cannot understand the hype about the death of a certain 'pop star' in the last 24 hours. Here in Wales, Question Time (for those outside the UK it is a political panel discussion programme) is about 30 minutes later than the England version. It was interrupted last night to report on the death of a 'pop star'.

I assumed that the Newsflash was reporting at least a terrorist attack or the death of a major Royal.
This morning I woke up to reports that certain Internet services had been overloaded and even at only 140 characters per post the mighty Twitter had experienced an outage. After all the publicity about Twitter and democracy in Iran, I find this hard to believe.

The last time I saw a musician's death slow down Internet traffic was the news of the demise of Jerry Garcia (August 9th, 1995). The web was in its infancy and most of us 'nerds' using Usenet were hardcore Dead Heads. How times have changed in just 15 years.

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